How To 360 Nose Roll

How To 360 Nose Roll

(Narrating/Rider: Nev Lapwood. Film/Editing: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)


For this trick, you are going to combine the technique of a counter rotated Switch Frontside 360, with the high press movement. It does sound a little confusing, so if the ol' memory bank needs to be updated for these tricks, check them out in the Streaming Membership.

The Movement

Step 1) Initiate the Switch 360 nose roll by riding switch and turning your upper body into a frontside spin. If it helps with getting the positioning, grab an imaginary object like the below rider:

360 Nose Roll Grab

Step 2) As you finish your counter rotation with the upper body, play catch up with your lower body and whip yourself into a Switch Frontside 360. While rotating, allow your board to drift up off the snow, into the high press position (see below image). Make sure you are keeping a connection between the nose of your board and the ground throughout the rotation. 

360 Nose Roll High Press

Step 3) As you complete the 360 and begin to ride out, landing blind, with your arms and eyes pointing back uphill (see below pic). That way, you can see the jaws that have just fallen off everyones' face.

360 Nose Roll Ride Away

Break It Down

Not gonna lie, this is a tough little bugger at first. If you are struggling with the movement, ditch the snowboard and do it unstrapped. Social skills tip - find a quiet place on the hill to do this, not in the middle of the park, please.

360 Nose Roll Unstrapped

Here are some key points to notice from the gif above that will help when you practice:

  • We recommend trying this trick switch first. It's easier.
  • Your upper body should already be turning uphill as you start the trick. This allows your lower body to counter rotate around your upper body. 
  • You're not balancing in the nose press position. It's almost as if you're jumping a Switch Frontside 360, but keeping your nose attached to the ground. This is what turns it into a buttering trick.
  • Landing blind will help you ride out on a clean edge. 

Doing The 360 Nose Roll

Make sure to get the concept of a 360 spin (Frontside, Backside or even Switch 3's) happening smoothly before adding a nose roll. If you can do a Front 3 on a side hit or a jump, you're probably ready for adding some extra flavour with a nose roll.

Frontside 360

You can do this trick on flat ground, which is a great place to learn, but it's actually much easier to do over a roller or terrain feature. So once you are feeling ready, progress to these types of features and manipulate your speed and grabs. Get freaky with it. Get creative. A little faster with more pop or a little slower with a grab to style it out. The floaty feel that a roller gives the trick makes it look a lot better.

360 Nose Roll

This is a sick looking trick that will add bucket loads of style to your riding, whether it's in the park or just cruising the mountain. Don't forget about progression though, learn the 360 Nose Roll switch as well as in your regular riding stance to improve your riding.

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