Jib Board Sizing & Specs


Max Recommended User Weight: 100kg (220lbs) 
Ages: No age restrictions (Kids - Adults)
Dimensions: 99.5cm Long (39.17 inches) - 24.6cm Wide (9.69 inches)
Weight: 1.5kg (3.3lb)
Stance: 31.75cm - 59.69cm (12.5" - 23.5" inches)


Mounting System

Our Jib Boards have the same universal 4 hole binding system that's found on snowboards. Set up your Jib Board with the exact same stance width and angles you use on your snowboard. 

Four Hole Mounting System


Made in a snowboard factory, our boards are designed to deal with getting thrashed! A laminated top sheet gives the Jib Board that quality finish, while the poplar wood core gives it that true snowboard flex.

Made In Snowboard A Snowboard Factory


The Jib Board is stiff and strong, with a reverse camber shape. It's shorter in length than a real snowboard, so you can train practically anywhere.

Reverse Camber

Smooth Sidewall Construction

Along the entire perimeter of the Jib Board is a silky smooth, rounded sidewall. There's no metal edges, so you can train almost anywhere without damaging you, your board or your training area.

Smooth Sidewall Construction

Realistic P-Tex Base

Constructed with a real snowboard base to create the most realistic experience possible. Jib, press, stall and balance with the exact same feel as a snowboard on a rail or box.

Realistic P-Tex Base