Balance Bars FAQ

If I Order, When Will It Arrive?
If you would like to receive your order as fast as possible, select express shipping at the checkout screen. Please visit our shipping page for more information on our shipping policy and delivery times:  

Is The Balance Bar Portable?
The Balance Bar is very light and portable. The Balance Bar has been designed to store the white top piece inside itself, for mobility and storage.

Balance Bar White Top Piece
And will you look at that!

Can You Slide On The Balance Bar?

If you are using the Balance Bar with the Jib Training Board, you will be able to slide on the Balance Bar. You won't be able to slide the entire length of the Bar, but you will be able to slide on it. The Balance Bar's main purpose is to act as a static trainer.

Where Can I Use The Balance Bar?
If you are using the Balance Bar with the Jib Training Board, you will be able to slide on the Balance Bar, therefore we recommend you use the Balance Bar and Jib Board in conjunction with a Training Mat. Using a Training Mat will protect you from your Balance Bar slipping and also increase the longevity of your Training Board.  

Can I Use An Actual Snowboard On The Balance Bar?
Yes you can use an actual snowboard on the Balance Bar. Just be aware that your actual snowboard has sharp edges that my dig into and scratch the Balance Bar.

Can I Use The Tramp Board On The Balance Bar?
The Tramp Training Board has been designed with a foam base to grip a trampoline. Because the board has a foam base, it will also grip the Balance Bar. We recommend the Tramp Training Board if you are a beginner jibber, or if your primary focus of training is going to jumping.

What Is The White Top Peace For?
While the blue bar mimics a box, the white top peace makes the bar higher off the ground so you have to ollie higher for your tricks. It also has a sloped surface so it feels like a rail. The dome shape also helps with getting your balance during presses, stalls and nada spins! 

How Indestructible Is The Balance Bar?
We've literally driven a truck over this thing and it didn't look any different. We made it to take a beating! 

Is The Plastic Recycled?
The balance bar is made from 100% recycled materials!

What Works Well With The Balance Bar?
The Training Mat is an awesome addition to use in conjunction with your Balance Bar as it will dampen the noise you make while training, while also giving you more grip for both your board and the bar during training.

What Is Your Warranty And Returns Policy?
We have a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty on all manufacturing defects. Shred Hard and Go Big! We are so confident you will love your training gear, we have a 30 days, 100% money back guarantee.