Addicted Training Setup

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Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Snowboard Addiction Addicted Training Package
Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Addicted Training Setup
Snowboard Addiction Addicted Training Package

Addicted Training Setup

$643.46 USD Sale Save
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For The Truly Addicted Riders...

If you're totally addicted to improving your snowboarding, this is the ultimate package for you! Including both our Tramp and Jib Training Boards, Balance Bar and the Training Bindings, you'll have everything that you need to take your riding to the next level!

Addicted Training Setup:

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Tramp Board: Whether you want to learn a 360 or master a Double Cork; by practicing your tricks again and again on the Tramp Board, you will engrave tricks into your muscle memory. Simply put, the next time you strap into your snowboard, you’ll make more out of your precious days on the snow
Jib Board
Jib BoardA realistic snowboard design, feel and flex that replicates snowboard jibbing. Practice the same trick over and over on the Balance Bar to improve your balance, timing and muscle memory, then unleash your new tricks in the park. The smaller board with no sharp edges means you can learn new jib tricks in the safety of your home. Dial the trick in, then take it to the park when you're ready.
Training Bindings

Training Bindings: Save time, effort, wear and tear on your snowboard boots by training with the Snowboard Addiction Training Bindings.

Our Training Bindings are made in snowboard factories so the strength, feel and response is just like your bindings on your snowboard. Our bindings however are adapted with cloud comfort technology. This means there's an EVA base under and around your foot, and gel padding wherever there are pressure points. This allows you to train in the comfort of socks or barefoot for as long as you can train.

We’ve removed the high-back to avoid pressure and abrasion when practicing without boots and there's no sharp edges on the bindings, allowing you to train safely on the trampoline or in your house without worrying about damaging anything!

These bindings are one size fits all. The same pair will fit a 6 year old, as well as an adult male foot at size US 11 or below. 

Balance Bar: Made in the USA with 100% recycled materials, designed so you can speed up your learning curve. The Balance Bar helps you engrave tricks into your muscle memory in a safe and convenient environment. Train regardless of the time of year or whether you live close to the mountains. 

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"Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding"

Our training gear is so fun and realistic, you will end up stomping those tricks in no time! Jump on your pair now and make the most out of your days on the mountain.
Learn more below!

The Tramp Board

Smooth Sidewall Construction
Our new silky smooth sidewall ensures maximum performance and durability through the seamless design, while boosting the ski's aesthetics!

Bounce Engineering
Foam base for grip and a flex rating that works with you as you jump on the trampoline.

The Jib Board

Realistic P-Tex Base
Constructed with a real snowboard base, you'll have the most realistic experience possible combined with maximum style. 

Additional Inserts
With 8 sets of inserts, our new board offers stance widths from 12.5” for the groms to 23.5” for taller riders and everywhere in-between.

The Training Bindings

Quick Entry Buckle System And Velcro Toe Strap
The Snowboard Addiction Training Bindings are equipped with a quick entry buckle and ladder system plus a velcro toe strap for ease of use.

Buckle Comfort Cover
To maximise your training experience, our cushy cover around the Buckle System leaves you with a binding that is streamlined for use in all environments.

The Balance Bar

Beginner To Advanced
Engineered to help beginners learn tricks and experts refine their skills.

WTP™ Rail Extension
Adjust your Jib challenge by adding or removing the White Top Piece to simulate sliding boxes and rails.