How To Backside 360

How To Backside 360 On A Tramp Board

A Backside 360 is one full rotation, bringing your lead arm around in front of you and towards your tail for the direction. It is a super rad trick every snowboarder should be able to throw down off jumps, side hits, rollers, drops and anywhere else you can huck!

(Narrating/Riding: Chase Baines. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Back To Basics

A regular footed rider who stands left foot forward would spin Backside by rotating clockwise. Creating spin momentum comes from combining a series of body movements at the right time.

Shoulders and headAlways look where you're going.
Core MusclesBring it around.
Hips and LegsStomp it out.

This rotational movement begins in your shoulders and head, continuing all the way down through your core muscles and into your hips and legs as you extend into your bounce.

Timing Is Everything

Timing these movements between the point of contact and point of release with the trampoline is the key to getting a proper initiation. When you initiate into the spin, keep your chin high looking just above your shoulder in the Backside direction. Keeping your chin high as you turn your head and shoulders into the spin will help your body stay upright. If your head and upper body are in an upright position, you will create a stable flat rotation.

Line of sight
Start with your head high.
Line of sightFinish with your head high. 

After you've popped from the trampoline and begin rotating, pull your knees up. This will engage your core muscles in the air and re-connect your upper and lower body.

Knees UpPerfect flat spin. Nothing off-axis here.

Having a strong connection between your upper and lower body helps to maintain momentum, keeping the spin smooth and stylish. 

Eyes On The Prize 

Keep your line of sight over the shoulder in the Backside direction as you engage your core and your body rotates past 180 degrees. This will bring your head right back around to the direction you are facing on initiation. Allowing you to spot the trampoline in front of you as your body completes the 360.

Backside 360  Do or do not, there is no try.

Remember these final tips and you'll have this trick so dialled, you'll need to work at (*insert your local phone company here):

  • Your line of sight is the key to landing a complete rotation.
  • Keeping your eyes locked on a specific point in front of you or spotting the landing too early can stop your momentum.
  • Get familiar to leading the spin with your head and you'll be stomping 360's in no time!

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