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Snowboarding is alive and well in China with the Snowboard Addiction Academy. Currently operating out of the newest Chinese ski resort, Chongli, this world class mountain has wicked groomers, super nice tree runs and of course an insane park. Not to mention it's one of the site's for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics!

Aims Of The Academy

The Snowboard Addiction Academy has two primary aims;

  1. Provide the participants of the Academy with a snowboard progression framework so they can improve their skills in a safe environment. They are killing it with the help of some of Canada's best snowboard coaches!
  2. Get quality Snowboard Addiction training and snowboard gear, including boards, bindings and boots to the stoked shredders, so they can improve their riding.
The Snowboard Addiction AcademySnowboard Addiction Academy participants enjoying the fresh mountain air and stoked on another bluebird day!

This Kid

This little shredder has been impressing everyone with his skills and at only 5 years old. He could be competing for China at the 2022 Games. Watch out Mark McMorris, you got yourself some competition...

Snowboard Addiction Academy Participant"Just passed SA level 2. He's 5 years old and shreds crazy hard!"

It is amazing to see the level of stoke the Chinese have for snowboarding and Snowboard Addiction is proud to be involved in this movement with the Snowboard Addiction Academy. Keep ripping it up China!

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