Training And Partying With Steve Aoki

Training And Partying With Steve Aoki

We recently went down to Vegas, to help train the world famous DJ, Steve Aoki!

Steve Aoki is a massive Snowboard Addiction Fan, so we took advantage of the opportunity and showed him a super secret project we have been working on:

(Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Rider: Steve Aoki, Film/Editing: Ryan Kenny)

The Secret Is Out!

The Jib Training Board is a brand new product we have been working on for all you snowboard addicts! We are launching this product in the next 2 months! Get excited shredders!

Slick Based Training Board

We have designed this new Jib Training Board specifically for use with the Balance Bar. Its slippery, its incredibly realistic and it's perfect for the jibber who wants a slippery challenge on the Balance Bar.

Different Between The Two Boards

Training With Steve Aoki

So when Steve Aoki reached out to us about going down to his place in Vegas, we were pretty stoked! We took our new Jib Training Board with us to get some feedback from him. We were pretty psyched with what Steve Aoki had to say about it. 

Steve Poking Out A Cheeky Method.  

Head Coach, Nev Lapwood, helped Aoki with a couple of tricks he wanted to learn. Steve actually has a foam pit and a sick trampoline in his own home! Using our training products, Nev gave Aoki some pointers on how to throw steazy backflips and spins on the tramp, and then gave him a few more pointers on some jibbing tricks using the new Jib Training Board

Steve Throwing Down A 3

After training for snowboarding with Aoki and teaching him a few tricks, we went and partied in the VIP booth at Steve Aoki's show! It was a pretty wild show, Nev even crowd surfed in a blow up rubber boat!

Nev Crowd Surfing In A Bud
Aoki also really know's how to throw a cake!Aoki Throwing His Cake In A Girls Face

Get Your Own

So, I'm guessing because you have seen DJ megastar Steve Aoki train on our gear, you want your own? Simply click right here and input your email address so you get notified, the instant we start selling the new Jib Training Board!

Steve On The Balance Bar On The Slick Based Training Board

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