Back 3 In Whistler

How To Improve Your Backside 360s

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(Riding/Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Backside 360's are lots of fun, no matter where you throw them and is easily one of the best feeling tricks on a snowboard. We have found that there are three main things that are stopping people from landing their 360's every time. 

1. Improper Leaning or Bending

If you're trying Backside 360's you're going to want to take off from your toe edge. If you've ever done a 360, you'll know that. However, when approaching the takeoff it is crucial to not be leaning too far forward. You'll know if you're doing this if you're dragging your hand, leaning far forward, or both. The simple fix to this issue is just to focus extra hard on a balanced takeoff. You'll notice the jumps just feel better, and your style will go through the roof.

Bending OverNotice how this rider is leaning way too far over their toes with bad posture. Not good.

2. Not Spinning A Full 360

It is amazing to see the amount of people not landing their 360's for a few simple reasons. One of the main one's being, not committing fully on and during the jump. You'll know if you're having this problem if your board isn't perpendicular to the lip of the jump on landing. The best advice I can give you to help you crush the landings is to know that, the more you commit, the more you will land.

Bad Back 3. Bad
This rider is blocking their own spin with their upper body.

Make sure to pop off the lip, turn your head towards the spin, and follow it the whole way through.  

Pro Tip: Practice full 360's on a trampoline, and not only will your 360's look better, but you will have a much easier time progressing onto bigger spins.

3. Messy Spin

There are two main problems that prevent people from styling out their 360's to the best of their ability. Luckily, they're easy fixes with a little practice.

  • Window Wipers - These are when your hands are flailing around on the jump and in the air. Contradictory to what your brain thinks, by flailing your arms, you are throwing yourself further off balance. The fix to this problem just requires a little will power. Just try extra hard to keep your hands and arms relaxed and by your sides. The style will come! Pro Tip: Grab your board, you physically won't be able to flail your arms.
  • The Stiffy - These are the riders that have super stiff legs throughout the jumps. They may be spinning their 360's all the way through, but, it doesn't look or feel natural. Simply practice bending your legs a little bit during your regular riding, and slowly transitioning your new relaxed posture onto the slopes.
Back 3
Try putting your arms by your side when you start doing 3's. This means you have a nice clean 3 and sets you up for when you start including grabs.

A clean Backside 360 is a staple trick on the mountain that practically everyone will be able to learn and master with a little practice. The snow is just around the corner, and we at Snowboard Addiction can't wait to get back out riding and to create more video's to help you become the best shredders you can be! 

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