How To Shifty Backside 180

How To Shifty Backside 180

A Shifty Backside 180, also known as a "Shifty Back 1", is a styled out version of a Backside 180. In this tutorial we will teach you how to combine rotation and counter rotation in one spin trick to add heaps of style to your riding.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce & Whistler Blackcomb)

Wrapping Your Head Around The Trick

This trick uses rotation for the 180, combined with counter rotation while in the air for the Shifty. The easiest place to learn the movements of this trick is on a trampoline.

Start by jumping Frontside Shifties and Backside 180s separately. Next, try a delayed Backside 180:

  1. Start to rotate the 180 with your upper body, but leave your Training Board and or lower body behind until the last moment.
  2. Then, 180 to catch your lower body up with your upper body. This is called a Stalled Out Back 1
Stalled Out 1The Shifty Back 1 is a quick and easy way to add style to small jumps and side hits.

Counter rotation in the air is what allows you to stall out then bring the board around to complete the trick. For a full Shifty Back 1 you have to Shifty at the very start of the trick into the opposite direction of your 180. Learning this on a trampoline is far easier than on a park jump or side hit. You can practice the movements on a trampoline repetitively and build the technique into your muscle memory.

Shifty On TrampThis is tricky at first but practice will make perfect.

 Break It Down

When snowboarding, find a small park jump that you're comfortable with. Make sure that Frontside Shifties and Backside 180s are easy tricks for you.

1. Approach the jump with the same entry path for a Backside 180, carving on a smooth toe edge up the lip of the jump.

Entry PathBuilding a platform to spin from is the secret to make any spin big and clean.

2. Use a light wind up, as you would create to momentum for a Back 1.

Wind UpThe timing of your wind up is the make or break part of the trick. Nail this and it's smooth sailing.

3. Start with a Stalled Out Back 1, where your upper body moves through the air leaving your lower body and board in a stalled out motion. Before landing, counter rotate in the air to bring your board around to switch.

Stalled Out Back 1Get twisted, but bring it back.

4. When that's easy, try to push out a small Frontside Shifty right at the start of the trick. Only a small amount of Shifty is needed. Just enough to show movement in the opposite direction to your 180.

Poked Out ShiftyShow that jump what you've got.

5. Your upper body should already be rotating backside and not doing anything different because the extra movement required for the Shifty is performed by your legs. Poke out the Shifty as much as you can then counter rotate your board around to switch, for a blind landing.

Shifty Back 1
Get Shwifty.

There you have it! Lock down the Shifty Backside 180 to make your riding more stylish. While you may have started getting this trick, there is always room for improvement. Check out our How To Improve Your Backside 180s tutorial to clean up your Back 1s even more!

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