Mental Training For Snowboarding

Mental Training For Snowboarding

Want To Stomp Tricks First Try? Then Open Your Mind

We are about to share with you an extremely powerful little known technique that top athletes have been using for years. This technique separates the best from the rest and is the difference between learning new moves in one day or one season! The one minute snowboard mind miracle means you to land more tricks, more often by using the most powerful visualization techniques known.

This powerful information has been broken down into a simple, one minute system that will allow you to perform better on a snowboard than you ever thought possible.

One Minute Snowboard Mind Miracle:

One Minute


Front Blunt 270 In 450 Out

This technique actually only takes about 10 to 30 seconds once you get good at it so follow these steps before making a run and you’ll be amazed with your results. You should also take 5 minutes before the start of your day visualizing yourself having an amazing day on the slopes. You can either take the time to visualize on the chairlift, while you're strapping into your bindings, basically whenever you prefer, just be sure to take the time to visualize yourself completing the run flawlessly before the run every single time.

  1. Know exactly what tricks you are going to attempt during your run.
  2. Visualize yourself like your ACTUALLY DOING the run you want to do and make the mental movie feel as real as possible.
  3. After you’re done visualizing your run or trick perfectly in detail, say to yourself “I will definitely land this/these tricks.

That’s it, so simple but yet so powerful! Using this technique coaches your mind and body into believing you can do the tricks and once you believe you can do it, that’s when you actually do it. We could add 50 pages explaining different cases and proving why this one simple technique is so amazingly powerful but you’re just going to have to trust us. We kept it simple so you can apply the technique without being confused on all the details. Simple is better and far more effective.

How To Visualize A Trick:

Visualize The Trick

The better you can visualize something, the greater the chance of that visualization coming true. At first when you start visualizing tricks you might want to take 5 to 10 minutes to really try and get inside your head. The key is to calm yourself down and mentally play a movie in your head and watch yourself go down the hill and do the trick in as much detail as possible. You want to hear the sounds, feel how it feels and see yourself in as much detail as if you were actually doing the trick at that second.

Hint: The more realistic you make it in your mind the better. You want to feel everything and play the trick you’re visualizing in your head like it’s actually happening!

  • Keep visualizing the trick until you know exactly what your body has to do to complete the trick.
  • Know where your head is going to be and where your arms are.
  • Know what your legs are going to do and how it will feel when your hips rotate.
  • The key is to imagine and visualize the trick vividly with as much feeling and detail as possible.
  • Practice. You can use visualization not only within sports but in all aspects of your life to help you obtain what you want.
  • Science proves when you show your subconscious what you want (visualize) your brain and body react automatically.
  • If you want to be an exceptional snowboarder, visualize your way there, we promise you’ll get better, faster and with much less pain.

Frontside Lipslide
Use visualization to its fullest potential and you will become a far better rider than you ever thought possible. The better you become at visualizing, the better you will become at snowboarding. Enjoy using this technique to improve your riding and remember to always progress one step at a time while having fun shredding the slopes, park and streets!

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Rip it up!

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