Ideal Turns & Filming

Ideal Turns & Filming

This is the first tutorial in a new intermediate riding mini-series, How To Improve Your Riding!

These tutorials are all related to body position because if you can get your body position correct, you set yourself up to progress much faster. A good body position means you're going to feel more comfortable riding at speed, jumping and hitting different types of features. The first tutorial in this series is Ideal Turns & Filming.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

The Ideal Turn

Ideal intermediate turns on a snowboard should have a smooth consistent radius with your speed being controlled throughout the turn. You do this by ensuring that your knees are bent with your hips pushed forward and a straight upright back.

Ideal Turns & FilmingJust like this, your turns should look and feel effortless.

It's important to remember that your whole body should be making each turn together in unison, with your upper body and lower body aligned through your turns and your hips located centrally between your feet. 

Bad Habits

Unfortunately, many bad habits creep into snowboarders riding technique and what's worse, most people do not know they have any issues going on. Until you’ve seen it on video.

Ideal Turns & FilmingCounter rotating through bumpy terrain, you're gonna have a bad time.

Filming Your Riding

That's why we highly recommend for you to get out there and film your riding! Everyone has access to a video camera on their phone which means you can get up there with a buddy, take a lap out of your day and film each other. That way you can see how your riding looks.

Ideal Turns & FilmingNev filming a homie so he can check out his technique from a 3rd person perspective.

This is going to do wonders for your progression because you’ll pick up so much that you didn't realize was happening! You can then use the footage to compare your riding against other pros to see what changes you need to make.

There it is, some great tips to get you started on improving your riding! The next few tutorials focus on some common problems with body position and what you can do to kick the bad habits.

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