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Girls who shred are awesome! - This is a free chick tips tutorial on "How To Hit Boxes".
These tips are going to give you the confidence to blitz boxes and embarrass guys in the park who think they're all that!

These chick tips may seem very simple to many girls who already shred, but we have to start somewhere with our Chick Tips. We have loads more technical tutorials in the pipeline, so Get Stoked!

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(Narrating: Natalie Sagar, Rider: Natalie Sagar/ Nev Lapwood, Film/Editing: Liam Benstead)

The easiest trick to attempt on your first box is a "50-50" (Fifty-Fifty). This trick involves you riding STRAIGHT ACROSS the box. Here are 5 quick pointers on how to nail your first 50-50:

 Natalie rocking a 50-50
1) Keep Your Snowboard FLAT

When riding normally, you are either on your Heel or Toe edge. When it comes to hitting a box, you want to have your board Completely Flat on the feature (see below picture):
Keep Your Snowboard Completly Flat on the Feature
This is going to feel a bit sketchy at first, but once you have practiced this on a gentle slope, it will start to feel normal. The best way to practice this technique, is by picking a line on the hill and riding it Straight with your snowboard Flat on the snow.

 Pick a spot, ride in a straight line, keeping your snowboard flat on the snow.
Another great way to practice keeping your snowboard flat on the snow, is to draw a pretend box in the snow (see photo below). Ride straight and keep your snowboard Flat on the pretend box. This will help you pick up the technique super quick and you will be stomping 50-50's off boxes in no time.

Draw a pretend box in the snow.

2) Ride Straight

When approaching the box, you want to keep your line of approach as Straight As Possible. 

Ride Straight To The Box

The line of approach you take to the box is going to determine whether you stay on the feature the Whole Way. If you don't have a Straight Line Of Approach to the box, you will fall off one side or the other. 

Keep your line of approach as Straight as possible and will reach the end of the feature no problem.

Not having a straight approach, will cause you to fall off the side.

3) Speeeeeeeeeeeeeed is your friend

You want to make sure you have enough Speed when approaching the box. If you're being as slow as an asthmatic snail, you're not going to make the end of the feature! You will most likely get stuck on top of the box. 

Keep your speed up and you will make it to the end. 
Not enough speed, your going to get stuck.

4) Body Position Aligned

You want to have your Upper and Lower body Aligned with your snowboard. A common mistake is to Turn Your Shoulders when approaching the box. By turning your shoulders, you will actually turn your snowboard and you won't be rocking a 50-50.

Natalie, With Her Body Position Aligned On The Feature:Upper & Lower body aligned.

Snowboard Addiction Customer, With His Body Position Not Aligned

Twisting your shoulders will cause your board to move.

5) And Finally, Find The Perfect Box 

When hitting your first box you don't want to try anything too difficult to begin with. Try and find a simple box that you can ride straight onto and where the decline is not too steep. Avoid boxes that you have to ollie (jump) up onto or boxes with a steep decline when you are hitting boxes for the first time.

Easy Box (Ride On & Not Steep)

Easy Box

More Challenging Box (Ollie On & Steep)

More Challenging box

Improve Your Box Game For More Difficult Features

Once you're feeling comfortable riding onto the box, try popping onto the box with an ollie. Practice popping on and off the box. When you feel confident with this technique, you can begin to challenge yourself on more difficult boxes that may require an ollie to get onto them.

Pop onto the box.

Finally, Practice Your Technique Off The Mountain

You can practice these techniques off the hill, and in the comfort of your own home. By practicing in your own home on our Jib Training Board and Balance Bar, you can build muscle memory in your legs. This will help you stomp your 50-50's every time.

Natalie Training on The Balance Bar With Our Training Board Natalie Training on The Balance Bar With Our Training Board

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Jake Adams
Snowboard Addiction Team 

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