Pro's Love Our Gear Series: Seb Toots

Pro's Love Our Gear Series: Seb Toots

Sébastien Toutant (Seb Toots) is a name that's synonymous with snowboarding excellence. This Olympic Gold medal winning athlete has taken the snowboarding world by storm, impressing judges and audiences alike with his incredible skill and talent on the slopes.

Toots; born on November 9, 1992 in Repentigny, Quebec quickly showed a natural aptitude for the sport, throwing double corks at 16 and by the age of 18, he was stomping triple corks!

Seb Toots training on the Tramp Training Board at Maximise. 


Some of you may have thought, "Oh, he just got lucky" or "He's just gifted". The truth is, this kid worked his @$$ off! Growing up and still to this day, Seb spends 120 days a season, training in the terrain park and ripping the mountain. In the summer time, Seb is training on the tramp at least 50 days, all while wakeboarding, skateboarding and rippin'a dirt bike.

Seb Toots Tramp BoardSeb Toot's Backflip Tailgrab at Maximise.


Riding 120 days a season makes a huge impact on Seb's overall riding. However, 50 days of training on a trampoline greatly improves his jump game. Training with the Tramp Training Board, Seb works on grabs, spins, blind landings, flips, and corks. By training with our off mountain training products on a trampoline, Seb works on his core body strength, aerial awareness, body positioning, muscle memory and confidence on a snowboard. When you can snowboard with confidence, that's when your individual style really shines. It clearly shows in his riding.

Seb has recently been training with the Jib Training Board and Balance Bar.

What Training Did For Seb

  • 1st In Big Air at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics
  • 1st in Slopestyle at the 2011 Winter X-Games
  • 2nd in Big Air at the 2011 Winter X-Games
  • 3rd in Big Air at the 2012 Winter X-Games  
  • 1st overall as the 2012 TTR Overall Champion
  • 1st overall in Slopestyle in the 2012 Dew Tour
  • 1st in Slopestyle at the 2012 Burton US Open 
  • 3rd overall in Slopestyle and Big Air 2016 TTR
 Seb Toots training on snow at Maximise.

Bottom Line

If there is anything that can be taken from Sébastien Toutant, it's his work ethic. In order to perform at the best of your ability, you need to be dedicated, motivated and most importantly, you need to train.

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