How To Pop Off Jumps

How To Pop Off Jumps

Once you're comfortable coasting off a jump, you’ll want to start getting a little more air, so you can start doing tricks. There’s no point in learning tricks if you’re only a few inches off the ground, you just don’t have enough time in the air. That’s where popping comes in.

In this tutorial we'll show you exactly what popping on a jump is, the advantages it provides when jumping and how you can use it to up your jump game. This tutorial comes from our Jumping Basics series, check out these great tutorials that go with our How To Pop Off Jumps tutorial:

(Narrating: Duncan Mainland. Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond)

The Approach

Approach the jump with both legs bent, lower than you would if you were just coasting off the jump. Ride at the jump in a straight line with a flat base. As you ride up the ramp, extend both legs evenly to give yourself a little upward momentum, aiming to have your legs fully extended to as you leave the lip.

How To Pop Off JumpsNev with his legs fully extended at the lip. Please note here, his legs aren't stiff the entire ride in. They only extend from a crouched position at the lip.

In The Air

Once you’re in the air, suck your legs up to your chest. This will make it much easier to get grabs but will also help pinpoint your landing. If you’re going too big you can then extend your legs early to try and catch some tranny. If you’re going too small you can keep your legs sucked up and hopefully sneak past the knuckle.

How To Pop Off Jumps

Adding POP!

When you add pop to your jump you change your trajectory through the air. Instead of going long and low like a coast, you’ll have a higher arc through the air. This will give you that hang time you need to do a grab, spin, or just look super cool. 

How To Pop Off JumpsYou want to pop using big smooth movements to have the most control.

The Number One Common Mistake

A common mistake is jumping off the top of the ramp. Think of it like you're pressing against the ramp the whole way up.

How To Pop Off Jumps

As you ride up the ramp you should feel some pressure against your feet. You want to push back against that pressure like a reverse tug o war.

Don't Forget About Speed

If you were already clearing the jump while coasting you’ll want to go a little slower when you pop.

Remember, the extra height you get from the pop will also translate into more distance.

Adding a little pop into your jump will get you that floating feeling we all know and love and your jumps won’t feel as rushed. As the Pringles commercial says “once you pop the fun don’t stop”. We hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

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