How To Backside 180 On Park Jumps

How To Backside 180 On Park Jumps

After learning Backside 180s on side hits, it's time to take them to park jumps! To get even more Backside 180 tutorials or the Goofy versions, sign up to the Snowboard Tutorial Membership.

(Narraring/Rider: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Your First Jump

Find a small jump where you're comfortable with straight airs and grabs. The major difference with spinning off a jump is that you need to use your edges to grip the snow to initiate rotation.

Taking Off From The Toe EdgeTo spin Backside, you take off from your toe edge.  

Take note of where you drop in from for a straight air and the speed you need for that jump. Drop in for a Back 1 at the same spot as you would a straight air.

Confidence Tip - Having air time on a jump is a good thing for spinning. It gives you more time to spin and more time to spot your landing. Speed is your friend!

The Approach

On your approach, do one smooth heel edge turn, carving roughly in line with the side of the jump. Next, transition to your toe edge to carve up and off the lip. This is the ideal approach line for a Backside 180 and being on your toe edge will help to initiate Backside momentum. 

The Ideal Approach LineThis is the same entry path you will use for all Backside spins, so get it dialled now.

As you leave the lip you can add extra momentum with your arms and upper body. Remember, this is a 180, not a 1440, so not much momentum is required. The toe edge takeoff already provides some spin momentum and can be enough to get you all the way around.

Backside 180Going off a jump backwards is scary at first but is really fun, once you've got it down.

The Air

Make sure to pop with your Backside 180s, flexing and extending with your legs as you leave the lip. This not only gives you a better trajectory, but will also help initiate the momentum off your edge and makes the 180 come around easier. To really make this trick stylish, while in the air, your body should be still. Waiving your arms, also called "rolling down the windows" is funny to watch but that's about it.

Backside 180 PopHold that style in the air!

The Landing

The way to spot your landing for a Backside 180 is with a blind landing. This is where you look at the knuckle of the jump throughout the trick and while you land. This causes you to look backwards as you fly through the air and connect with the ground, but it also allows you to stop your rotation. If you've done everything right until now, trust that if you've lined up your board and if you're looking up at the knuckle, you'll land clean and stomp it out!

The Blind LandingIf you try to look all the way around for your landing, it's very common to slide out and spin back to your regular stance.

As you connect with the snow, it's best to also land with a small amount of pressure on your toe edge. This gives you grip against the snow as you land and helps to stop your rotation.

Engage That Toe Edge On LandingAs you get better, you will get the feeling of slowing down and speeding up your spin to position your board appropriately for landing.


Jumping Backside 1's on the a trampoline is a very similar feeling to jumping Back 1's on actual park jumps. The up and down motion of bouncing on a trampoline replicates the up and down motion as you take off the lip and stomp the landing. Using the Tramp Board is a great way to build your muscle memory for smooth, stylish Backside 1's.

Train Those Back 1sThe tramp is the best place to practice your jumps. Lots of jumps in a short amount of time.

Now that you know the perfect jump to try Backside 1's on, the approach line, what to do in the air, how to land and how to train your Backside 1's all year, it's time to go send it and work on your style! This is one trick that style is everything. Slow, floaty, lofty knees up style looks the best. Dayumn!

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