How To Cab 180 In On A Training Board

How To Cab 180 In On A Training Board

Cab 180, Half Cab... Call it what you will, it is a sick Jibbing trick that you should be trying if you're ready to break into advanced spins, in and out, on jib features. 

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(Narating/Riding: Chase Baines, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb

 First off let's explain this trick, the Cab 180 is a Switch Frontside 180 that brings you around to a 50-50, in your regular stance. The 50-50 out is easy but getting there and the initiation of a Cab 180, is a bit more challenging. This initiation starts with a frontside rotation of your shoulders to 90 degrees before you leave the ground. Then follow through with your board and extend your back hand all the way forward, to get that full 180 rotation. 

Half Cab 
Chase using those arms to follow through with his rotation 

Start with this rotation on flat, getting a feel for that 180, before adding in the Balance Bar. To bring the Balance Bar into the picture start by creating an imaginary line behind yourself (where you will be placing the Balance Bar when you are ready). Once you have your 180 rotation to that imaginary line on lock, place the Balance Bar where that imaginary line was. Now that you have the backward pressure needed to get on that line figured out, you just need to lock in your 50-50 balance when you land. Having a strong core will help you with holding your balance.

Using your Balance Bar and Training Board to Half CabDraw an imaginary line  to represent the feature

There are three things to take away here while you're earning to Cab 180:

1. Initiate your rotation with your shoulders 

2. Follow though with the rotation in your upper body 

3. Be familiar with the feature/position of the Balance Bar for that blind entry.

What are you waiting for? Get out your gear out and start practicing!

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