Backside 50-50

How To Backside 50-50, 180 Out On A Training Board

If you have basic jib tricks dialled on your Balance Bar and on the snow, try this one; the backside 50-50, 180 out. It's an all time classic trick that if done right, it'll let your individual style shine! You want to have the 50-50 on lock, as well as a comfortable backside 180 before trying this combo.

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood)


The best way to get the muscle memory for this trick is to unstrap from your board first.

  1. Get into your snowboard stance and look straight ahead.
  2. Begin to initiate your upper body and arms towards the tail of your board, which will twist your body into a counter rotated position.
  3. Continue to look forward, but pretend to grab a "shopping trolly" behind you.Grabbing Rail

  4. Then snap a backside 180 with a blind landing.

Strap-On, I Mean In. Strap In:

Once you have that technique dialled, strap into your training board but stay off the Balance Bar. It is exactly the same steps as before, but for now, just pretend you are on a rail and think about the timing of the trick.

Trick Tip: You want to reach your maximum rotated position, just as you reach the end of the feature.

Backside 50-50 180 OutThat's all there is to it. Nice and easy, oh yeah!


Although a backside50-50, 180 out is easier when you hit the rail from the frontside, you can do it from either side of the feature:

Frontside 50-50Approach from the frontside.
Backside 50-50Approach from the backside

Body Position:

The body postion you have at the end of the feature is the most important aspect to this trick. The more wound up you are, the easier it will be. So don't just move your hands in front of your upper body. Twist your entire upper body in the backside direction!

Bad TechniqueJust look at that technique. HA!

The more you use your shoulders, arms, chest and core in this movement, the easier it will be to get that full 180 out.

Timing, Timing...Timing:

It's all about the timing of this trick. As you get into the 50-50, you want to initiate the backside counter rotated position so that you reach your final, maximum wound up position as you reach the end of the feature. Don't reach it too soon, don't reach it too late!

50-50 Backside 180 OutThere's that timing we are talking about.

As you know, practice is what's gonna' make this trick look rad. Practice the muscle memory on your Balance Bar, then when you're on that hill, repeat it and nail that timing. Once you've got it all synced up, thats when you backside 50-50, 180 out will look sick!

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