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How To Nose Press & Tail Press 180 Out On A Training Board

Adding a backside or frontside 180 out on a nosepress or tailpress instantly add's a tonne of style to this Jib trick. Today, we are going to teach you how to do it on the Balance Bar using the Jib Training Board so that next time you're on snow, you're ready to stomp it!

(Rider/Narrating: Nev Lapwood)

You Can Do It!

This is not a crazy trick, but you should have these fundamental tricks down before jumping into this one.

 4 Variations

A press 180 trick can be done in four major variations which are all covered in this tutorial. It's important to remember here, that although these may be the four major variations, this trick can either be done from the frontside or backside of the rail, with either an ollie or nollie into it and you can do them switch. 

  • A Nosepress, Frontside 180 Out
  • A Nosepress, Backside 180 Out
  • A Tailpress Frontside 180 Out
  • A Tailpress Backside 180 Out

    Counter Rotation

    Start by jumping into a 50-50 on your Balance Bar. For 180's out, remember that we are using a counter-rotation movement as we approach the end of the rail to snap the 180 out.

    Nev Counter RotationNotice how open Nev's upper body is compared to his lower body, which is still in the 50-50 position.

    Emphasize how much you counter-rotate your body. The more you counter-rotate your upper body, the better snap you will have on your 180, which will really get it around (and that means no scorpions).

    Tail Press 180 Backside 180 Out

    It is exactly the same technique for a backside 180 out, just in the opposite direction.Backside 180 Out

    This is a tailpress backside 180 out. Nev has counter rotated his upper body into a closed position.

    Jump up into your tail press and pretend you are approaching the end of the feature. Counter-rotate you upper body by closing it (turning away from the end). Continue to look forward while your upper body and arms twist around. As the reach a max wound up position, pop your tail and snap the 180. This will be a blind landing so look at the tail of your board as you land and begin to ride away.


    For all four variations of this trick, it is the same principle that was used above.

    Nosepress Frontside 180 Out
    This is a nosepress frontside 180 but notice how Nev is still in a counter-rotated position to complete the 180 out.

    Nose/tail press. Counter-rotate in either the frontside or backside rotation. Pop. Snap your body the opposite way to your counter-rotation. Complete the 180 out.


    If you need to challenge yourself, add the white top piece to the Balance Bar. This will make it higher up off the ground, a lot tougher to balance on will definitely challenge your muscles.

    White Top Piece  Look how much Nev is struggling on the white top piece. Ok, so not much, but it is hard.

    That is how you 180 out of a nose or tailpress! Use your Balance Bar and Training Board to get these counter-rotated movements on lock and next time you're on the hill, you wont even need to think about damn counter-rotation. You will just be able to stomp it!

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