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How To Sideslip

When you're starting out with snowboarding, just getting down the hill can be a big enough challenge. Our latest tutorial on 'How To Sideslip' is going to help you get down the hill and keep you in one piece as you learn the crazy and beautiful sport of snowboarding.  

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(Narating/Riding: Duncan MainlandNev Lapwood, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb

When you're learning to ride, controlling your speed can be daunting. However, becoming best friends with sideslip will help you to build confidence while you get comfortable with linking turns and carving down the mountain. 

To start learning the sideslip, sit facing down the slope on your heel edge, with your board perpendicular to the fall line. Bring your bum closer into the board and lift your body off the snow and hold yourself up in a crab like position, ready to scuttle along. To engage the slip, release pressure off your heel edge by pushing down slightly through your toes.  

How To Sideslip on a Snwobaord 
Crab Walking and getting a feel for your gas pedal.

The pressure that you put into your toes will act like a gas pedal, speeding or slowing your movement. Try moving left and right by increasing the pressure on one side, and then the other. Once you feel comfortable and in control of how much pressure you are applying, push yourself up with your hands into a standing position. 

How To Sideslip on a Snowboard 
Testing out your balance 

To keep your balance standing, hold your hands over the nose and tail of your board. Try to avoid overcompensating when you speed up, as you will quickly get into a stop and go routine.

Now it's time for a Toe Edge Sideslip. This one's a little harder because your riding blind and always tempted to look down hill. Curb the temptation and keep your balance!

How to sideslip on a snowboard 
Now for the toe edge sideslip

The Toe Edge Sideslip starts the same as the heel edge. Flip over and kneel on the ground, before lifting your bum in the air and using your hands to steady you as you put pressure on your heel edge to start slipping. Again use even pressure and small movements for a smooth consistent slide.   

There you have it, stop worrying about steeper sections and breaking yourself while you learn to snowboard, because now you can sideslip! Are you ready for your First Turns?

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