Improve Your Backside Boardslides

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If this Lemur can smash out stylish boardslides, so can YOU! 

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There are 3 EASY simple steps to improve your backside (BS) boardslides:

1) Lean Forward

The biggest mistake we noticed when snowboarders first attempt BS Boardslides, was that they were keeping their weight far too UPRIGHT on the rail. This led to the base of the board not being FLAT on top of the rail.

The best way to keep your balance and get the base of your board flat on top of the rail is to:


All rails and boxes are angled slightly downhill, even the ones that look flat! Street Style Rails are angled a lot more than others. The best way to maintain your balance on these is to LEAN FORWARD at the EXACT SAME ANGLE as the rail. This will allow to you keep your board flat and make those boardslides effortless!

2) Counter Rotation 

Another common problem with riders attempting boardslides is that they are unable to get their board into a 90° position on top of the rail. If you can get your board at a 90° on top of the rail your boardslides are going to look WAAAAY more stylish. The best technique to do this is COUNTER ROTATION. This is where your upper and lower body twist against each other.

You then want to UNWIND for the landing.

The best way to practice this technique, for getting your Upper and Lower body twisting against each other is to use our Jib Training Board and Balance Bar. Practicing this technique on OUR GEAR will allow these movements to be engraved into your muscle memory. Once you have mastered this technique in your living room, you are ready to take it to the park where you can stomp your new and improved boardslides with ease!

3) Weight On Top

The final but most common mistake we discovered with people trying to learn BS Boardslides, was that riders were having trouble getting their weight up on TOP and CENTRED over the rail.
Note: This tip is really only specific for Rails as it doesn't really occur on boxes. 

The main problem that was occurring was that they were slipping off the rail on the SAME SIDE as they were approaching.

To help you get your board up and centered over the top of the rail, its best to approach the rail at an angle, around 20°. This will help direct your momentum over the top of the rail. 

This IS NOT how to do it:

This IS how to do it: 

A great way to practice getting enough momentum to get your board centred over the rail, is to practice getting up and over the rail and sliding off the over side. Once you've mastered getting up and over, you will be able to practice getting your balance on the rail and riding it the whole length.

A great way to practice your balance on the rails is to use the top piece of our Balance Bar with our Jib Training Board. Using the white top piece allows you to practice your balance on a rail in the comfort of your living room, without any pain or injuries. The top piece forces you to jump that little bit higher and also challenges your balance that little bit more, helping to improve those boardslides. 

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