John Kuby

John Kuby "No Quit In Me"

John Kuby is a 68 year old snowboarder who recently discovered that he has tongue cancer. John then started a blog called No Quit In Me. His blog discusses how snowboarding has inspired him to keep a positive outlook on life.

(Narrating/Riders: John Kuby) 

John started snowboarding because his kids wanted to get snowboards, so he decided to get one with them. John became hooked on the sport and took his kids up to the local hill every weekend, eventually becoming a solid rider. 

Look At That Butter!

What John loves most about snowboarding is that it brought him closer to his kids.

50-50How Many 68 Year Olds Have You Seen Hitting Boxes In The Park? 

Johns positivity and snowboarding skills at age 68 will inspire many to see the positives through rough times. We at Snowboard Addiction wish you the best John, along with anyone else battling health or injury problems. 

Check out his blog at No Quit In Me.

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