2019 Crash Contest

2019 Crash Contest

Check out our new Crash Contest Summer Slam - On Now until July 5th!

Everyone has had one of those "S#!t, I hope nobody saw that" moments. If you caught it on camera, send it our way and get something good out of it!

We're giving away a full training set up (Training Board of your choice, Bindings and Balance Bar) to the best bail, because clearly the person with the best bail needs this gear the most!

Snowboarding Bail GifFree stuff makes crashing suck less, right?

Here are the steps:

    1. Start digging through that old footage and find your most cringe worthy bail(s). We don't want to watch too much carnage though, so keep it under 30 seconds.  
    2. Send contests@snowboardaddiction.com your best footage and a contact email (so we can let you know if you win!) Also include; Rider, Filmer names/handles (if you'd like credit or you can just stay anonymous * See Rules & Regulations below). Clips under 25mb can be sent directly to our email. Anything over 25MB will need to be sent via WeTransfer (follow the steps below)

Instructions for sending +25mb files

        1. Drag and drop your file into Wetransfer
        2. Choose send as link 
        3. Hit transfer and paste the link into your email
        4. Send it to us at contests@snowboardaddiction.com.
          Step 1Wetransfer step 2Step 3Step 4
      That's it! Keep reading the newsletter and following our social networks to see who wins! Winner announced February 1st! Ski and Snowboard footage accepted!

          Rules & Regulations:

          • Contest runs from January 5th - February 1st 2019.
          • Footage must be owned by the individual submitting it.
          • In submitting footage, contestants are agreeing to said footage being used/edited for promotional purposes by Snowboard Addiction during and after the contest. *if you'd like to be tagged, please let us know your social media handle.
          • Submissions should be of a single bail(leave it to us to put the reel together).
          • Please submit footage in .MP4 or .MOV 
          • To be entered, footage must be submitted by midnight of 1st of February, 2019.


          We will choose our favourite based on either which one made us laugh the hardest or cringe the most. Even, if you don't win, you'll still have a chance to make it onto our crash reel of honourable mentions. Plus we have a prize just for entering, curious? You'll just have to send a clip our way to find out what it is!

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          Snowboard Addiction Team
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