Best Bail Goes To......

Best Bail Goes To......

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At the beginning of January, we asked YOU to send in your gnarliest, funniest or damn-right most ridiculous bails and boy, did you girls and guys deliver! With a full Training Setup on the table, we received hundreds of entries, making for a tough time choosing our favourites.

After hours of eating pizza and watching all the crashes, we've managed to whittle the submissions down to our 'Top Honourable Mentions' and finally OUR #1 CRASH CONTEST WINNER...

10) Biggest:

@bane4 just Going for it! 

9) Edgiest:

 Gab Dussault with a sick back 5, only to succumb to the dreaded toe edge.

8) Funniest:

Aukai Hawelu making the most of a nose press gone wrong.

7) Most 'Wait What?':

@downsyjd61 going for the... where were you trying to land that? 

6) Best Unintended Rotation:

 Diletta with a full rotation, if only that was what they were going for... 

5) Best Huck To Flat:   

@xander_mohan Why though?

4) Best Bystander Reaction:

@LunaT1k42 showing off that base (plus that bystander reaction, mint) 

3) The Mind The Gap Award:

Jason Doucet with an ambitious backie.

2) Best Head Bonk: 

@connor_harrigan We were relieved to see you move after this one!

1) And the winner is....

Teisutis Zylis with a combination of airtime and flexibility showed true athleticism in his bail, and is our Crash Contest Winner. Hopefully winning a full Training Setup will soften the blow of this crash and make his next attempt a more successful.   

Learning tricks for the first time on snow gets pretty painful, pretty quick! Grab yourself our 'Featured Setup' at a killer deal and start training the same way as the pro's!

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Snowboard Addiction Team
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