Pro Snowboarders LOVE Our Gear!

Pro Snowboarders LOVE Our Gear!

Jamie Nicholls, Pro Snowboarder from GB Park & Pipe, sent us a review of our Training Gear! We are stoked with what Jamie had to say and how much he loves using it.

The review kicks off 38 seconds into the video:

Snowboard Training, Rehabilitation And Exercise!

Great Britain Park and Pipes' main physiotherapist incorporates our training gear as part of every elite snowboarders' off mountain training, exercise and injury rehabilitation!

Pros' like Jamie are using our gear to train for competition riding. The SA team is so happy that our gear helps pro's and beginner snowboarders alike! 

Jamie having a sesh. Jamie training at home, using his Tramp Training Board, Training Board Bindings and Balance Bar.

Jamie even posted a video a while back of him rehabilitating his knee, using our gear to get him shredding again. Check out this blog for more information.

Jamies' rehab clearly worked using the Tramp Training BoardTraining Board Bindings and Balance Bar! Check out this recent rail lap below:

Jamie even posted a video recently, where fans could tell him certain tricks to try! Thanks to all his training, Jamie stomped out some crazy-hard tricks!

Want To Train Like Pro Athletes? Then Get Our Gear!

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Jake Adams
The Snowboard Addiction Team
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