Terrain Park Etiquette

Terrain Park Etiquette

Hey everybody, let's create safer parks together!

(Riding/Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

 Our Top 5 Safety Do's

There are few things in life better than sunny park laps with your buddies, so we've put together our top 5 tips to ensure you are shredding the park safely. Unfortunately, we've seen way to many people get severely injured or worse in the park. The most frustrating part is that most of the time these collisions could be prevented if proper park etiquette is followed.

Helmets - Just Wear One

It's not "cool" to ride without a bucket. When you're learning new tricks, why would you want  to risk hurting yourself if you didn't have to. Besides, wearing a helmet will make you much more confident, comfortable, and speed up your progression.

HelmetsIf you love your helmet, it will love you back.

Check Out The Features

Most resorts in North America use the same orange signage. However, the size of the features tends to differ hugely from resort to resort. Just because you've hit large features in the past, doesn't mean they'll be the same size or condition today. It is so important to do a quick test lap. You don't have to miss every feature, but take it easy so your first lap isn't your last.

Checking Out Those FeaturesCheck out the features every day!

Signal Your Drop

There are so many videos making fun of this. And by no means do you need to yell "dropping" so loud they'll hear you in China. Letting others know that you're dropping next promotes better park flow for everyone. If you want to signal that you're going next, just give others around you a simple hand wave and drop. People will respect you and it will get the point across.


Help Others Out

Everyone is in the park to learn new tricks and have fun. There are some simple things you can do to keep things safe and fun such as blocking a lip if someone is in the landing and move away from the landing if you crash.

Helping Others OutHelp others out by signalling when someone has fallen. This will give you good karma and mean you will start stomping tricks.

Don't Be A D*ck...

This video was made to prevent any more people from falling victim to stupid injuries in the park so please share this with you fellow shredders so we create a safer park for everyone!

Making BuddiesNot being a d*ck means you'll make friends. Yay!

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