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Snowboarder Explodes His Riding

This is Jeremy. Jeremy has been snowboarding for the past 17 years. Five years ago, he found out about Snowboard Addiction and has been using our Snowboard Tutorial Membership to take his riding to a whole new level. He's a long-time customer and good friend of the Snowboard Addiction team.

Below is a video of Jeremy showing you the progression he's made since starting freestyle snowboarding 5 years ago. Check it out!

"I'm 37 years old and I've been snowboarding for 17 years.


The funny thing is, I couldn't do tricks until about 5 years ago. It started to bother me that I had been riding so long and couldn't do legit tricks. I wanted to get better at snowboarding.


When I found Snowboard Addiction, I bought the full program and started learning. Snowboard Addiction helped my riding by taking the guessing out of every trick I want to try. I used to just huck and hope, and now I really understand how the tricks work. The value you get out of even the basic lessons is great. I even got a lot out of the carving tutorial after 17 years on a board.


There are real gems in the lessons that make you such a better rider. Blind landings, rotation, counter rotation, creating a platform to spin from. These concepts are glossed over or lost in most other tutorials. I can't say enough about snowboard addiction. Snowboard Addiction helped me to progress to the next level, quickly without guessing. Even after learning the tricks I still refer back to the vids from time to time. Especially since I don't ride all the time.


The thing about snowboarding is that the better you are, the more fun you can have. Every time I go out, I get better, and snowboarding becomes more and more fun. I already loved snowboarding but being better at it takes it to a whole other level. I really have Snowboard Addiction to thank for that. Word up Y'all." - Jeremy Butler

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