Crash Contest Summer Slam's Biggest Bails

Crash Contest Summer Slam's Biggest Bails

Last month, we put out the call for your best, funniest, biggest bails. Good thing for us, our fans had no trouble delivering the goods. We saw everything from gnarly bails to funny edge catches, both winter and summer! We had a hard time deciding who would take home the title of Best Bail in our Crash Contest 2019: Summer Slam. With a brand new Training Setup up of the winner's choice up for grabs, the stakes and send-o-meters were high! 

Your Choice Of Training SetupJib Training Setup (Left), Freestyle Training Setup (Right)

Our NEW Training Setups are better than ever! New graphics, new tech, and new ways to explode your riding! Whether you're an aspiring park rat or a seasoned shredder upping your freestyle game, our Training Boards are your best way to improve your riding anywhere, anytime.

Now for the winners, drumroll please...

10) Guangzhao (Zack)

9) Nicholas

8) Andrzej

7) Stewart

6) Oran

5) Matt

4) Bartosz

3) Ryan

2) Nickolas

1) Jacqueline Crash Contest Summer Slam's Best Bail!

Thanks for sticking with us through the carnage! Check out the Training Setup our winner took home to improve their riding this summer.

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