Mark Vorass Shredding

47 & Better Than You!

This is Mark Vorass. A 47-year-old snowboarder that throws Backflips and shreds rails. We are proud to have Mark Vorass as a customer!

(Narrating/Riding: Mark Vorass)

Some say age is just a number and Mark is just the guy to prove it! The last couple of years, Mark has been a Snowboard Addiction customer and he is the man!

He recently sent us some footage that shows his progression from before (when he did not know about Snowboard Addiction) and after (once he had used our tutorials to improve his riding).

Our tutorials work! Mark has been improving over the last few years using our videos as a guide to learning. Mark has improved from a mediocre snowboarder to a 47 year old who shreds the park! 

Today, Mark is 47 and rips the park better than most on his snowboard! He throws down Backside and Frontside 360s off big jumps and Boardslides with 270's Out!

It is not every day that you see a 47-year-old snowboarder cruise through the park throwing Backflips and ripping rails.

We are INCREDIBLY stoked to have Mark as a customer and even more wrapped that he wants to share his progression with us.

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​The Snowboard Addiction Team

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