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Snowboard Addiction Welcomes Connor Palahicky to the SA team!

Check out Snowboard Addiction's BRAND NEW 2015 EDIT!
Just dropped by our own team rider, Connor Palahicky!

SA Snowboard Addiction Sponsored Rider Connor Palahicky

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New stock of SA Training Boards

To all our awesome customers:
Thanks for your patience! Our boards were so popular, we completely sold out our last order!

Snowboard Addiction Training Board

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Improve Your Backside 180s

Backside 180s are one of the most stylish tricks on a Snowboard - Learn how to do it right here!

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How to 180 with Grabs on a Snowboard

This video is part of the series - Tramp Board Basics. Practice your snowboarding off the snow, so you can be perfect on the snow.

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Connor Palahicky Wins Showcase Showdown Amateur Division

Snowboard Addiction Team Riders Connor Palahicky Won Showcase Showdown amateur division last weekend and we are stoked!

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47 & Better Than You!

47-year-old snowboarder throwing backflips and ripping rails. We are proud to have Mark Vorass as a customer.

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Cheap Shipping for Europe

You guys have been asking us for cheaper shipping in Europe.
We've been listening and just opened a shipping warehouse in the UK.

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