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Limited Edition Meth-OD
Limited Edition Meth-OD
Limited Edition Meth-OD
Limited Edition Meth-OD
Limited Edition Meth-OD
$420.00 USD

$499.00 USD

Limited Edition Meth-OD

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The side effects of riding this board are listed below:

  • You will become even more addicted to snowboarding. Why?
    • This board can go stupidly fast while remaining stable, making speed your biaaaaatch!
    • Send ERRRRRRR! You can send it big on this board knowing you will stomp your landing!
    • Go anywhere! This baby will let you hit the biggest cliffs, tree runs and anything the mountain throws at you with ease! Even moguls will tremble and melt!
    • POP BIG! We have crammed so much tech into this board. It is fully loaded and ready to POP!
  • You may loose friends who ski, but you will make friends who snowboard. A win-win, some would say.
  • Snow bunnies will want you. Yep! If you get this board, girls will love you. Full stop. 
    (Disclaimer - You may have to do more than shred on this snowboard to get girls. Unfortunately, you are on your own there).









Extra Strength:

Side Walls: