5 Pack Tramp Skis

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5 Pack Tramp Skis

5 Pack Tramp Skis

$1,137.47 USD Sale Save

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Want to add more style to your skiing?

What jump or jib trick have you always wanted to learn? The Tramp Skis give you the ability to train all year. Improve your grabs, spins, corks and flips on the trampoline and stomp those spins onto and off rails with the Balance Bar.

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Unlock Your Potential!

The Tramp Ski's are so fun and realistic, you will end up stomping those tricks in no time! Jump on your pair now and make the most out of your days on the mountain.

Learn more below!

The Nitty Gritty...

Smooth Sidewall Construction

Our new silky smooth sidewall ensures maximum performance and durability through the seamless design, while boosting the ski's aesthetics!

Training Bindings

One size fits all! Keep your feet in the clouds while you train barefoot, in sock or shoes.

The Training Bindings

Quick Entry Buckle System And Velcro Toe Strap
The Snowboard Addiction Training Bindings are equipped with a quick entry buckle and ladder system plus a velcro toe strap for ease of use.

Buckle Comfort Cover
To maximise your training experience, our cushy cover around the Buckle System leaves you with a binding that is streamlined for use in all environments.