Training Mat FAQ

If I Order, When Will It Arrive?
If you would like to receive your order as fast as possible, select express shipping at the checkout screen. Please visit our shipping page for more information on our shipping policy and delivery times:  

Will The Training Mat Add Protection For When I Fall?
The Training Mat will reduce impact damage when you fall, but won't eliminate the risks associated with snowboard training.

How Durable Is The Mat?
We used strong memory foam rubber. Your mat won't puncture or tear easily, meaning you can focus on throwing down!

Does The Mat Come In Different Sizes?
Our Training Mat is double wide yoga mat that is 8mm thick, for all your training needs. That mat is only available in this size and this print.

Will The Mat Eliminate All Sounds And Vibrations Of Me Stomping On It?
The mat will eliminate most sounds and vibrations of you stomping on it. Your neighbours, family and house mates will thank you with gifts and adulation for being so considerate. 

Can I Do Yoga On The Mat?
Ommmmmmm...YES! The Training Mat will also double as a yoga mat. So before you train or before you go out and slay the mountain, stretch out your muscles.

What Is Your Warranty And Returns Policy?
We have a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty on all manufacturing defects. Shred Hard and Go Big! We are so confident you will love your training gear, we have a 30 days, 100% money back guarantee.