Snowboard Addiction Progression Plan

This is a guide on how to use your Snowboard Addiction Streaming Membership or Download Program tutorial's to improve your riding. This guide describes each learning block, breaks them down so you know what you can learn from it and will advise you on what to learn next. In general, all tutorials are uploaded in an easiest to hardest order that is suitable for most riders.

Snowboard Addiction's guidelines for using this plan;

  1. Use the Balance Bar Training, Tramp Training Board and the Snowboard Training & Tuning series pre winter to become physically prepared, to learn the tricks in a safe environment and prepare your shred gear.
  2. When you are able to snowboard, use the other tutorial series to improve your snowboarding and guide your progression through different tricks.
  3. Keep checking back on the Featured Video / This Month's New Tutorial series to see what we have most recently added.
This will include the most current tutorial that Snowboard Addiction has uploaded. If you are looking for something new to try, this is it!
This section is broken down into 2 distinct groups, Snowboard Training and Snowboard Tuning. If you are looking to improve your fitness in preparation for an upcoming season, or even your general fitness, check these videos out. This even includes a 30 walkthorugh session, that you can follow along with Nev and JP for a killer workout. The Snowboard Tuning section provides information not only on snowboard gear but to also maintain and tune your own gear. If you're lookign to get your gear ready for a winter, watch these videos to make sure your ride is ready! With Nev and Yohan giving out the intel, you're in safe hands.
The Snowboard Addiction Learn To Ride section provides exceptional fundamental snowboarding tutorials to those who are new to the mountain. These are the most basic of Snowboard Addiction's snowboard specific tutorials so make sure to check these one's out first before you hit the hill.
Once you're comfortable on snow but looking for the next challenge, your next stop is the Intermediate Riding tutorial block. These tutorials focus on taking you from a beginner rider to an advanced rider with the fundamental skills required for park riding. With a range of tutorials from the Eurocarve to Riding Tree's, these tutorials are perfect for the advancing rider, and remember, are ordered from easiest to hardest.
Buttering is one of the funnest things to do on the mountain and this tutorial block is no different. This section covers different buttering tricks that can be performed on snowboard, ordered from some of the easiest out there to the hardest buttering tricks there are.
Our Jumping tutorials will improve your snowboard jumping skills by taking you through different jumping tricks. Each tutorial breaks down the trick, gives you super helpful pointers and the skills to perform it when you're riding. This section covers a wide range of jumps the super easy How To Ollie to the more advanced 360 tutorials. If you are looking to add flips to your spins, check out the Getting Upside Down tutorials.
This is a section that focuses on snowboard jibbing. Once again, with tutorials progressing from easiest to hardest, it provides you with the best learning framework to improve your box and rail game.
This is an advanced series of tutorials designed to give you safe guidance into the world of upside down snowboard tricks. Although this series once again follows the easiest to hardest format, these are dangerous tricks. It is recommended you have a good skills base and are comfortable spinning and jumping on a snowboard before trying these tricks.
Presented by Snowboard Addiction team rider, Natalie Sagar, this series is designed for our female shredders and some problems they face when learning these tricks. Tackle these tutorials from first to last and you'll be shredding like Nat in no time!
The Balance Bar Training series aims to give you the best in home snowboard training tutorials in the world, so you can maximise your training time. During the off season, or anytime of the year for that matter, follow this series from first to last to make the most out of your training and improve your box and rail game now.
The Tramp Board training series will improve your airs, grabs, spins, flips and corks. These tutorials take you through what you should learn first on the Tramp Training Board to the hardest tricks there are. Bottom line, if you are looking to up your air game, this is the place for you.