Here's the gist on the #SALineOfTheMonth:

This is a fun way to learn new tricks and get better at tricks you know. We encourage entrants young and old to have a go at our line of the month and if you don't have our gear, no worries. Feel free to enter with your snowboard and a plank of wood, or if you're lucky enough to snowboard, enter your line on your snowboard! Snowboarding is all about everyone having a go and our SALineOfTheMonth is no different!

Here's some tips to help you get your head around it:

  • You can enter a new line as many times over the next month as you’d like! There ain’t no chances in life without persistence! Just make sure you keep the following in mind:
    • A new line each time you submit - not only does this give you more chances at winning swag, it also shows your progression over the month.
    • A "line" has to be in one take.
    • #SALineOfTheMonth must be tagged in your post.
  • Main Prize winner will be announced on next months post. Around the 14th-16th of each month (mid month) we will post the new line and announce our winners.
  • SA staff may randomly send out SA swag prizes to entries with style and creativity
  • Comment on the new line for next month and your name will get a shoutout in next months post.

What Is This Month's #SALineOfTheMonth?


Get your snowboard out, get your tramp board, jib board and balance bar out...jeez, even get your skateboard out with shoes screwed to the base...Give this line a go!