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1. Tackling Your First Tamedog

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2. How To Lay Out Your Backflips

You're doing awesome! Check out the full Laid-Out Backflip tutorial here.

3. Barrel Role Backflip Anyone?

This is one of the least common ways to backflip. However, learning the Barrel Roll Backflip will lead you into some more complex flips.

4. Add Some Skate Style to Your Boarding with a Miller Flip 

Remember, appropriate features are key to the Miller Flip. Always be on the hunt for the perfect setup because they not only assist your learning, but will also make this trick stand out.

5. How To Frontside Cork 540 

This one's all about commitment but it also may be one of the best feeling tricks in snowboarding. Get all the tips on this sweet trick here.

6. Now For The Backside Cork 540 On A Snowboard

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