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Membership Questions:

As long as you have an active membership, you will have access to all the videos. When your account is cancelled or expired, you will automatically loose access to your videos. 
Updating your card is super easy. Login, click "manage my membership" then click "update card".
Login to your account, click "Manage My Membership" then click "cancel".
Yes. We do not accept Paypal for the membership payments due to issues with Paypal beyond our control. If you do not have a credit card you could borrow one from a family member or friend. 

Product & Shipping Questions:

All answers to warranty questions are available on the Snowboard Addiction Warranty Program page.
All answers to shipping questions are available on our shipping details page.

The Tramp Board has been designed with a foam base to grip a trampoline. Because the board has a foam base, it will also grip the Balance Bar. We recommend the Tramp Board if you're a beginner jibber, or if your primary focus of training is going to jumping.

The Jib Board has been designed with a P-TEX base to slide on the Balance Bar. Because the board has a slippery base, it won’t grip a trampoline very well. If you are trying any spin bigger than a 360, your chances of slipping out and crashing increase. We recommend the Jib Board for jibbers of any level and if you’re a beginner jumper, or if your primary focus of training is going to jibbing.

Purchase Questions:

Yes, you can use PayPal for the purchase of any physical product. We do not accept PayPal or any other form of payment than credit card for the purchase of the Snowboard Tutorial Membership.
We've had some similar issues to this in the past:
  1. Some people who had maxed-out credit cards could not order.
  2. Some credit cards are not allowed to be used on a Canadian website without authorization.
  3. Some Paypal accounts in foreign countries did not work.
  4. Credit Card is flagged due to suspicion of fraud.
Please reach out to if you continue to have issues.
High quality tutorials take a lot of time, money & energy to make. That's why there are almost no professional, high quality ad free snowboard tutorials available on Youtube! We have a lot of people employed behind the scenes that help us create the worlds best snowboard tutorials and sell them to the people who want them in HD and ad free, anywhere, anytime.
We are starting to release all of our tutorials free of charge on YouTube and Facebook. This process will be a slow burner and will take a couple years. This is because there is value in our Snowboard Tutorial Membership, providing high quality ad free tutorials in an organized and accessible location. We offer the ability to download the tutorials so that you may view them when you don't have an internet connection. 
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To qualify for your "120% Money Back Guarantee" just write us a short email to explaining why you're not satisfied and we'll process your refund as quickly as possible.

Account Questions:

On the login page click "Forgot your password". We will send you an email to reset your password.
Please send an email to with the new email address you wish to use for the account.
We no longer sell DVDs as they've become old technology just like VHS. We are constantly evolving and changing with the times and that means everything digital.
We have started to produce tutorials at a faster rate than we could have ever imagined. We could not keep up with having our tutorials translated efficiently and effectively, so we've decided to put all of our time and energy into the English tutorials. 

Camps & Coaching Questions:

No, we have decided to focus on creating the best tutorials. However, Snowboard Addiction team rider, Duncan Mainland recently started a summer snowboard camp called Treeline Summer Camps and they are a blast every season.
We are focussing on making the best snowboard tutorials in the world to teach you to snowboard. We recommend hitting up the Snowboard School at your local mountain. If you're visiting Whistler, check out Whistler Blackcomb Snow School for group and private lessons for all abilities.

Other Questions:

Unfortunately at this time we do not have any stickers available to give out. To help out, here is a 5% coupon code that can be used on any product on our website: highfive 
Snowboard Addiction has helped many snowboard get sponsored and can help you too. We offer a free guide here.

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If you have a general snowboard question, email us and we'll answer it for everyone on our blog.