How To Do Shifties On A Snowboard

This video is part Tramp Board Basics series and will teach you how to Shifty on your Training Board off the snow, so you can be perfect on the snow.

We have just released two brand new tutorials dedicated to locking down your Shifties. These on snow tutorials expand on the fundamentals which re covered in this tutorial. Check them out now and learn how to Shifty on snow:

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood)


Shifties are a simple and very stylish tricks that look sick once learned and performed with control. Before learning Shifties you should be able to hit park jumps comfortably with straight airs.


Shifties are a variation of straight airs where you twist your board into one direction while in the air, and back to straight before you land. The physics behind this trick is to use counter-rotation to twist out and back in again. In a move using counter-rotation your upper body twists in one direction while your lower body twists in the other direction creating momentum between the two body parts.

The ShiftyThis is the counter-rotation at work to create a Frontside Shifty.

To practice:

  • Stand on the ground without a board. Turn your upper body forward to what would be your riding direction. Do a jump where your upper body twists to the right while your lower body twists to the left. Pull everything back to straight and land. This is called a Frontside Shifty.
  • You can also do this the opposite way, then it is called a Backside Shifty.
  • Take this to a trampoline to get more air on your jump and get the sense of hitting a park jump.

The more you practice this on a trampoline, the more you will develop your muscle memory. Doing this it will be more likely for you to land your first Shifties once you hit the jumps on the mountain.

Products Used

In this tutorial we used the Tramp Board and Training Board Bindings. Click the links below to learn more, or purchase your own.

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