Learn New Snowboard Tricks On The Trampoline

We have been working hard over the last few years to design and manufacture our Tramp Training Board and Training Board Bindings. They are specifically designed for you to use on a trampoline or Balance Bar to improve your jibbing, flips, grabs and spins and overall air awareness. 

We found this old video and blog from the first release of the Tramp Board, 3 years ago. Wow, have thing's come a long way since then! We now have customized shoeless bindings to train in, stronger materials inside the boards and a new bear graphic. Check out this old video though to see how you can learn new snowboarding tricks on the trampoline:

 (Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood)

Starting Out

The whole idea was to learn the feeling of grabs, spins and flips with ease and in a safe environment. Why? So that when you're on the mountain, you've already got the idea of how to do the trick you want to learn and you can learn it faster. The first thing you want to do is get strapped in, jump on the trampoline and feel what it's like to have a Tramp board strapped to your feet. Looking in your direction as if your actually snowboarding will make training a lot more realistic. 


One of the easiest tricks you can learn and will add style to your straight airs, is the Shifty. A Shifty is when your upper body and lower body twist against each other. You can do this in the Frontside direction and in the Backside direction.


When done correctly, the Shifty looks so smooth.

It's very important to tweak your front leg out in a Frontside Shifty. Alternatively, tweak your back leg out with a Backside Shifty.


Grabs are one of the most useful things you can get the feeling of with one of our Training Boards. There are 6 basic grabs that you definitely want to learn:

1. Indy

IndyBack hand between your feet, on your toe edge.

2. Mute

MuteFront hand between your feet, on your toe edge.

3. Melon

MelonFront hand between your feet, on your heel edge.

4. Stalefish

StalefishBack hand between your feet, on your heel edge.

5. Nosegrab

NosegrabFront hand on the front tip of your board.

6. Tailgrab

TailgrabBack hand on the back tip of your board.

Adding Style To Your Grabs

After you've mastered the 6 basic grabs, you can start to stylize your grabs by Boning and Shifty'ing them out at the same time. Boning is just a term for straightening out one leg while crouching with the other. 

Boned Technique Poke it out.

By adding this to the 6 basic grabs, you can do a Boned Indy Grab or Boned Melon Grab. You can add a little bit of Shifty in with your grabs. It all helps to stylize your straight airs.

Boned GrabNotice how much of a Shifty is added to the Boned Mute grab.

Advanced Grabs

There are a lot more advanced grabs you can learn as well. For example:


CrailGrabbing your nose with your back hand.

 Sometimes it's easier if you do a Two-Handed Nosegrab first, then let your front hand go.


JapanGrabbing Mute, but tucking in your back knee and tucking your board up behind your back.

It's very important you grab between your feet before tucking your board behind you. If you don't grab between your feet, it's not a Japan Grab!


MethodThe most famous grab in snowboarding.

Melon grab with a Backside Shifty, tucked up behind your back.


One of the other really useful things to learn with the Tramp Training Board is how to spin. Start off with 180's:

  • Frontside 180
  • Backside 180
  • Switch Frontside 180
  • Switch Backside 180

Look in the direction with your head as if you're snowboarding and make it as real as possible. Start to learn how to spot your landings. If you have watched our 180's tutorial, you'll know what a blind landing is and how it's used for a Backside 180.

Blind landing
Blind landings are scary when you start out. The more you practice, the more fun and natural they become.

You can start to get this feeling while on a trampoline. If you want to step it up and make your 180's look cooler, start doing them with all of the different grabs and see how much style you can add to them by Boning them out.

Boned Out 180s With Grabs
Boning out your grabs will add heaps of style to your riding.

Spinning 360's

When it comes to spinning 360's you've got:

  • Frontside 360
  • Backside 360
  • Switch Frontside 360
  • Switch Backside 360

Frontside and Backside have different landing techniques, so the tramp is a great place to get use to the body positions. Start grabbing your 360's, feeling what it's like when your actually going to be in the air. Another way to stylize your 360's, is by stalling your spin out. This is done by doing the first 90 degrees slow and then slapping the last 270 on.

Stalled out 360'sStart slow......and then SNAP it around.

It's just another way to add style to your ridding, which you can learn on the tramp and take it out on the mountain.

Advanced Tricks

If you can spin 540's on a trampoline, you are going to be way more likely to have smooth and stylish spins on the mountain. Get them with grabs if you can, you can even practice 720's too. The more you spin, the more technique and practice it's going to take.

There are tons of other tricks you can use the Tramp Training Board to learn such as:

  • Flips
  • Wildcats
  • Tamedogs
  • Corked Spins
  • Rodeos

We recommend spending a considerable amount of time on a trampoline mastering all of the basic skills first, before you go on to the harder tricks. Learn them in a safer environment on the tramp, then take it to the mountain to stomp!

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