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This is a free tutorial in our Tramp Board Training Series, designed to keep you training for snowboarding off the mountain.

This free tutorial will improve your 360's on a trampoline, so once you hit the snow, you'll be throwing down effortless and stylish 3's!

(Rider: Nev Lapwood, Filming: Saxon Farnworth, Johnny Cass. Editing: Saxon Farnworth)

Tips For 3's

We have noticed that when newer riders were attempting 360's, they were looking very messy and stiff. Sometimes they didn't even make the full 360 rotation.

This is down to their upper and lower body not moving in unison. This bad connection between your upper and lower body can be the difference between completing, and not completing a full 360!

You want to get your upper and lower body moving in unison, so they are turning at the same time

NOT WORKING TOGETHER                                  


The best way to get your body turning in unison is to hop onto a trampoline and just PRACTICE HUNDREDS of 360s. 

First, try without a Tramp Training Board. Practice getting your upper and lower body turning at the same time. Its all about TIMING! Hence, you want to do a lot of these until you start to dial the timing in.

Once you have your 360's without a Tramp Training Board on lockdown, strap yourself in and start practicing 3's with the board on. Practice over and over doing your 3's. To be perfect at timing your 3's, do the same amount of 3's in this below gif image ;)

Why Is It Important To Have A Strong Core?

One you are in the air and have released the momentum from winding up, you want to tighten your core muscles to allow your upper and lower body to move together at the same time. By tightening everything up through the core, your upper and lower body should all come round together at the same time. This will make your 360's look a lot smoooooooooother.

WINDING UP                                             


Eye On The Prize!

Always remember that WHERE YOU LOOK is very important to your 360s! Read our other blog on "How To 360 On A Tramp Board" for more tips on getting your 360s on point.

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