How To 360 On A Tramp Training Board

This is a free tutorial in our Tramp Training Board Series.

The Tramp Training Board tutorial below introduces you to connected 360s. Learn how to do these on the trampoline, so you hit the snow stomping 360s with style on your snowboard...Eerrrrrytime!

360 Tips

Start out by jumping on the tramp without a Tramp Training Board, just to get a feel of the trampoline.

Once you are ready, start spinning your 360s to the left and right. To perform a 360 on a tramp, you must break it down into two parts. The 360 is a combination of popping and rotation. Pop first with shoulders ready for the spin. Once you pop, initiate the rotation. The more precise you are with your timing of when to pop and when to spin, the cleaner and more consistent your 360s on the tramp will get!

Spin Left (If Regular = Front Side, If Goofy = Back Side)

Spin Right (If Regular = Back Side, If Goofy = Front Side)

Practice your spins in both directions 5, 10, 20, 50...100 times or until you get dizzy and fall over! When you feel like you have your 360s in both directions dialled, it's time to strap into your board!

Your Tramp Training Board will add weight, lock your feet down and really replicate the feeling of what the trick will feel like on a snowboard. 

Once strapped in, practice a few 180s both directions, and when ready, start practicing your 360s.

Keep Connected! 

Keep your upper body and lower body connected through your core. In doing so, you will keep your body balanced and your spins clean.

Another important tip mentioned in this tutorial, is where you should look when you land, depending on what direction you are spinning

Front Side 360s - Where To Look

When you land a front side 360, you will be performing a blind landing. A blind landing is where you are looking back up at the knuckle, instead of looking where you are landing. The reason you want to perform a blind landing for a frontside 360 is so you dont over rotate once you land. Only once you start riding away, should you look forward in the direction you are riding.

A common problem riders learning front side 360s incur, is that they over rotate their spins because they are trying to see their landing. Notice the rider in the below image looks back up at the knuckle as they finish their final 45 degrees of rotation to stomp the landing:

Back Side 360s - Where To Look

Backside 360s are much easier than Frontside 360s in the landing phase of the trick. The reason for this, is from about 270 degrees through the rotation of a backside 360, you will be able to spot your landing in front of you as you finish your full 360 degree rotation.

Tramp Board Habit To Get Into!

When using your tramp training board, imagine your actually snowboarding! Therefore, look in the particular direction you would be heading if you were on the snow and imagine you are riding into the jump as you prepare for each trick. When you perform your trick, look in the correct direction at the correct time. This will dramatically improve your tramp board tricks, but when you take these refined tricks to the snow, your habits of correctly looking in the right place at the right time, will already be locked down!

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