How To Boardslide To Fakie

Once you've got the Backside Boardslide dialled, it's time to step it up to the Backside Boardslide To Fakie. If you missed those lessons, check out our other Back Board tutorials here:

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

The Difference?

In that last tutorial, we taught you how to do Backside Boardslides coming out into your regular stance which required the use of counter rotation. There is another way of doing a Boardslide and that is to come out to your unnatural riding stance, or Fakie. This trick on the other hand, uses a rotation technique.

How To Backside Boardslide To FakieLook at the difference in Nev's upper body.

Instead of using counter-rotation where your upper body and lower body twist against each other during the trick. You use rotation where your upper body and lower body will move in the same direction throughout the trick.

Just Like A Front 1

With rotation your upper and lower body continue in the same direction throughout the trick. It's kind of like doing a Frontside 180 off a small jump, where you create a bit of momentum with your heel edge and a wind up with your upper body.

How To Backside Boardslide To FakieIf you can do Frontside spins on small jumps, you are more than ready for the Boardslide to Fakie.

The Feature

When it comes to hitting a feature:

  1. Create a little bit of momentum on the way into the feature
  2. Jump 90 degrees into the Boardslide
  3. Keep low and forwards so you can keep your base flat against the feature
  4. While on the feature, keep your upper and lower body aligned
How To Backside Boardslide To FakieYou upper and lower body sliding in the same direction allow you to come out switch.

Variety Of Features

Remember to try it on several different features until it feels comfortable.

How To Backside Boardslide To FakieNew features = new fun!

There it is! All the tips you need to become the Back Board to Fakie master. Just remember this golden rule:

If you want to continue momentum in one direction, use rotation. If you want your trick to change direction, then use counter rotation.

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