How To Nosepress And Tailpress On A Snowboard

Part of a free video series, Balance Bar Basics: Practice your snowboarding off the snow, so you can be perfect on the snow.

How To Nose & Tail Press


Weight Transfer

After mastering a 50-50, it is time to style it up by adding a press into it. Weight transfer is the core of any press on a snowboard.

  • Practice on a carpet or other safe location.
  • Lean over a tip of your snowboard until the other side comes slightly off the ground, and maintain balance
  • Shift your weight back to the centre.
  • Try it on the other side.
  • When you're comfortable doing this, then take it to the balance bar, or the snow.


A Nosepress in when you are shifting your weight onto the front of your board, and the tail is being lifted off the ground in the back. The following tips will help you learn how to press on the nose of your snowboard.

  • Come into the trick with your weight in the centre of your board.
  • First land in a 50-50 position, then transfer your weight to the front.
  • Bend your front leg, while stiffening up your rear leg.
  • Remember to look forward.
  • Pro Tip: For extra style tips, spring off your nose at the end of the rail or box. 


A Tailpress is when you are shifting your weight onto the back of your board, and the nose is being suspended in the air. Here are some pointers that will help you with your tail presses.

  • Be in a balanced position when approaching the rail or box.
  • Land 50-50, then lean back. 
  • Bend your rear leg, keep your front leg straight. This is crucial for balance.
  • Have your arms out when learning to help your balance muscles.
  • Pro Tip: When exiting the rail, return to centre position for a smooth landing.

When doing laps through the park, it is easy to get bored of 50-50's. By learning and mastering presses, you have more tricks to keep you entertained, and you look great doing them.

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