Tips By Chicks - Preload & Landing Of A Frontside 180 Out

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Are you a lady shredder who has some game in the park? This tutorial by Natalie Sagar will teach you the finishing steps to a Frontside 180 off of a jib feature. 

This is part 2 of "Tips By Chicks: How To Frontside 180 Out" so be sure to check out part 1: How To Frontside 180 Out - Intro & Approach.

(Narrating/Riding: Natalie Sagar. Filming/Editing: Adison MacDonald)

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Once you’re on the rail, set up in the preload position. Do this by throwing your back arm in front of you towards the end of the rail so that your chest is facing downhill. This will set you up for the counter rotated 180.

Preload Position
This Also Puts You In Perfect Position For A Quick Dab

Remember to make sure that you maintain a flat base so that you don’t slip out.

Flat BaseKeep Your Board Nice And Flat On The Feature

Counter Rotated 180

To execute the 180, have your upper body twisted so that it’s facing downhill. Bend your knees, spot your landing and pop off the rail with a counter rotated 180. During this movement, you should land with your upper body facing forwards, the same position you took off from.

Preload & LandingPractice On Flat Ground To Get The Feel Of It

Flat ground, off rollers and on the Balance Bar are great places to practice the preload position and counter rotated 180's. This will create muscle memory for the counter rotated Frontside 180 and will give you the confidence to stomp the trick.

Frontside 180Counter Rotated 180 Off A Roller


When landing, it’s important to stay confident and visualize stomping the landing. Bend your knees to absorb the impact and keep your weight centered over both feet.

 Frontside 180 OutAfter Some Practice You'll Be Stomping 50-50's To Frontside 180 Out Like It's Nothing!

Trick Tip: If you land too tail heavy, you’re either going to slip out or land on your butt!

Try not to revert to your normal riding position after landing, it doesn’t look as clean and your friends will definitely give you some lip for it. 

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