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The Frontside 180 Out is a stylish jib trick that will add some flare to your 50-50's. This beauty of a trick can be done on any feature, from the easiest box to the hardest street style rail.

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(Narrating/Rider: Natalie Sagar. Film/Edit: Adison Macdonald)

Nuts & Bolts Of The Frontside 180 Out

The Frontside 180 Out is essentially the combination of two movements: 

  • 180: When your board and body spin 180 degrees, meaning your stance will change directions.
  • Frontside: Opening your shoulders so that the front of your body is the first side to face the landing when doing a spin.

This is a great beginner jib trick because you are able to spot your landing throughout the entire trick.

The Frontside 180 OutNatalie Ready To Spin A Frontside 180 Out.


Before trying this trick, make sure you visualize doing this trick and riding away clean. This will help immensely with your confidence when you go for that first attempt.

Super Clean Frontside 180 OutVisualize Yourself Stomping A Super Clean Frontside 180 Out. Like This.

Set Up

Like any snowboard trick, the Frontside 180 Out is a really easy trick if you set yourself up properly. To start, you want to be super comfortable riding in your opposite stance (switch riding).

Switch RidingDialling In Switch Riding Makes This Trick So Much Easier.

This is super important because you are going to be landing switch off the feature. So it makes sense to feel comfortable right?


You can learn this trick on any type of jib feature you see in the park, boxes or rails. It all comes down to whichever you feel more comfortable with. We recommend starting on long, straight boxes like the one below.

Frontside 180 Out On A BoxNatalie With A Super Easy & Stylish Frontisde 180 Out.

As you progress, you will find it more comfortable to 180 off street style features as you can get a little more pop off the end of them.


The approach for this trick is exactly the same as an approach for a 50-50. Depending on your skill level and what type of feature you are doing this on, you can approach the feature from directly in front, the frontside or the backside position. If you need a refresher on how to 50-50, check out this tutorial:

For your approach, make sure you have enough speed and enough bend in your knees, stiff knees are a constant killer of this trick!

Soft Knees On ApproachNotice How Natalie's Knees Are Bent And Her Head Is Up, Looking Where She Is Going Throughout The Approach.

On The Rail

When you are on the rail, it's important to maintain a flat base and aim for the end of the feature. You need to reach the end of the feature, because this is where a Frontside 180 Out looks the best.

Counter Rotation

Yes, counter rotation again. But the Frontside 180 Out comes together a lot easier if you use counter rotation. This means you will be rotating your upper and lower body separately throughout the movement.

Counter RotationTake Your Board Off And Practice Your Counter Rotation. Or Not. It's Your Day.

It is possible to do a Frontside 180 Out without a counter rotated 180, but is a little tougher. This means, your upper and lower body will rotate together instead of in the opposite direction. This type of rotation can be useful for learning harder tricks, but for the Frontside 180 Out, the counter rotated version is the way to go.

Rotated Frontside 180 OutNotice How Natalie's Shoulders And Hips Are Rotating In The Same Direction?

This is part one of a two part Frontside 180 Out series. Check out Part Two: Tips By Chicks - Preload & Landing Of A Frontside 180 Out.

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  • Yoo homie stomped the s*** outta da trick. Sliced it up real good.

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  • Awesome! Perfect timing for my progression :-) Thanks, Natalie!
    p.s. would love to know what you tell yourself or feel when you’re in the middle of the trick in order to stomp it. that’s when I have to fight doubting myself even if I know what to do.

    Anne G. on

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