Skiers Vs Snowboarders

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Not trying to re-ignite the flame, but we came across this web gem from the history books and couldn't resist sharing.

Yep, this was what all the fuss was about. We aren't talking about those shades either.

Here at Snowboard Addiction, we are definitely glad these "missiles" were so much fun that people couldn't resist trying out. All we can say is thank you to those snowboarding pioneers who hiked for their lines while skiers caught the lift. For sticking it out in the 80's when everyone was telling them no.

Mike Ranquet 1980's SnowboardingMike Ranquet pow-turn-rail-grab in ’88. Photo – Bud Fawcett

If we can take one thing from this hostile moment in snowboarding's history, it's not that we should all start growing Patrol Man mustaches, it's how far snowboarding has come! From its' roots as an outlaw "fad" in the 70's & 80's, to 2016, where it's now an Olympic sport; Snowboarding has expanded way beyond what anyone thought possible.

Skiers Vs Boarder
Just a casual day on the hill in the 80's. Nothing to see here.

No matter what aspect of snowboarding you're involved with, whether you've shredded once, you're a park rat, a backcountry shredder, a top level athlete competing at X Games or so addicted to snowboarding that you train on our Training Products even during summertime, we can all agree it's pretty damn rad and is here to stay.

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  • I am both a skier and a snowboarder, but I have to say that was a great post… although for snowboarding you don’t have a team, and for skiing you do (it’s easier to keep going when your team is making you faster, stronger, and better.

    Erika on
  • Too funny. “They’re just like missiles…” Glad the home of Nick Goepper finally let us in. “Perfect North did not allow snowboarding until 2002. It was one of the last ski resorts in America to still refuse snowboarders.”. From Wikipedia.

    James Mikel on
  • Thanks for that hilarious post, I had a great laugh watching that video! Oh, to be one of those first “Smart alecks” of snowboarding! The sport has come a long way!

    Dee on
  • Awesome post! Thanks! #SnowboarderForLife

    Vic on
  • Brilliant!

    You are talking here about 80’s in the US. In my part of world (Poland, Europe) I remember being forbidden to use lifts in the late 90’s. Hiking up the hill was heck of a warm up. Maybe this is why I managed to ride whole day as well as evening sessions. Good times and big up to those lift owners who let us on and fought for us with the hard-headed skiers.

    It is also cool to see how skis evolved under influence of snowboard design – see the carving models and market niche for freeride sets.

    All the best!

    Wojtek on

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