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How To Warm Up For A Day's Snowboarding

Posted by Snowboard Addiction on

First day back on the slopes...

We have teamed up with JP FOK of FOK Fitness to create you this challenging warmup. You might not achieve all of them at the first try but that doesn't matter as this is about getting you ready for the day and will only take you 10 minutes! See full video in Training and Tuning tutorial 

The tutorial will focus on: - improving your balance and edging control - reduce injuries and make you a better snowboarder Dynamic stretches involved: - Leg swings holding your board - Big arm circles forward and back - Knees into snow while strapped in, grab heel edge, pushing hips forward - Hop up and downs Flat ground exercises: - Ollies - Nollies - Nollie into tail press with ollie out - Nose to tail back and forth - Penguin walking forward and backwards Moving exercises: - Tail and nose presses - Frontside and backside 360s The result of this should allow you to shred hard injury free for the rest of the day!

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