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Balance Bar Snowboard Training Tutorial

Posted by Nev Lapwood on

This free tutorial is design to improve your balance

We recently launched our Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar product and this free tutorial video is designed for you to use with it.


The tricks in this video include: - 50-50s - frontside and backside boardslides - frontside and backside lipslides - nose and tail presses - 270s in and out - and a variety of other tricks Some of the tricks are more difficult to achieve on your first go but that is the aim to help improve your shredding. The main thing to remember is it is all about muscle memory and once you have nailed it on the Balance Bar you can take it to the park. You don't have to have our Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar, you could make your own but the benefits are it's easy of storing, light weight and ability to take with you on a trip.

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