How Do I Prevent Rust On My Snowboard Edges?

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So you've just had a killer winter, you store your board away and get stuck into some Summer fun. Fall rolls around and the stoke kicks in so you pull your snowboard out only to see that it doesn't look good at all. So rusty you think it was stored at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. 

Questions asked by our customer:

"Lately I noticed some rust on my snowboard blades. Should I be worried about it? Should I remove it before I go to a ski station?"

If you leave your board for a long time without use, like over the summer between winters, the edges will probably rust. Don't worry though, it's not a huge problem and is super easy to fix.


Sharpening your edges with a file will remove any rust on the edges.

Prevent rust on your snowboardWith tuned edges, you too can do this.

You can file it off with specifically designed snowboard files, but a standard metal file from the hardware store works exactly the same. When using files, makes sure you know what you're doing so you don't blunten your edges or chop your finger off. Sorry for the obvious plug, but our board tuning tutorial above shows you how to uses files to sharpen and maintain your edges.

If you are feeling lazy, support your local shop and take it to them for some love. This is definitely an easier option but will be more expensive.

Between Shred Trips

The good thing about rust is that it's very easy to prevent. After a shred trip, wash the base and edges of your board with fresh water, dry your board with a towel or something which soaks up the water and wipe the edges off before putting it away in a place where it won't air out.

Not only will improper storage lead to rusted edges, but can also cause the base to dry out or de-laminate and the eventual loss of the board's camber. So, remember to always give it a quick wipe down and store it properly to prevent this from happening between sessions.

Between Seasons

At the end of the season, it's best to have your board waxed and fully tuned before putting it into a long storage period, this keeps the board "alive" and helps with keeping your board from drying out. Take it to the shop for a professional job or give it a go to test your tuning skills.

To store your snowboard, keep it in a snowboard bag, if you don't have a bag you can wrap it up with anything else. Certain environments (the basement or garage) are laden with humidity that can encourage rust growth so keep it in a dry, cool environment. Remove the bindings and store your board standing up to preserve the camber.

For more information about how to tune your board, check out our Board Tuning series we did with Underground Tuning:

If you have any specific questions on tuning your board, please reply in the comments to this blog and we'll do our best to follow up with an answer.

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