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Natalie Sagar just nailed another awesome tutorial for all the snowboard chicks out there! Learn How to Hit a Jump on a Snowboard, in less than 3 minutes.

These chick tips may seem very simple to many girls who already shred, but we have to start somewhere with our Chick Tips. We have loads more technical tutorials in the pipeline, so get stoked and stay tuned via our newsletter!

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(Narrating: Natalie Sagar, Rider: Natalie Sagar/Nev Lapwood, Film/Editing: Liam Benstead)

1) How To Jump

When it comes to jumping, there are two main ways to get into the air:

  • Off Both Feet

Off Both Feet

  • With an Ollie (Jumping Off Your Back Foot)

Natalie Ollieing You can practice these two jumping techniques on a mellow run. The more comfortable you get with these techniques, the easier it's going to be to bring these techniques to a park jump.

2) Knowing The Jump

There are 4 components to a jump: 

  • The Lip

The Lip Of The Jump

  • The Flat Area

Flat Area Of The Jump

  • The Knuckle 

The Knuckle Of The Jump

  • The Landing

The LandingThe aim of the game when it comes to park jumps, is to get enough speed, clear the flat spot and the knuckle, and land in the sweet spot of the landing

3) Speed Is Your Friend

Common mistakes riders make when they go to hit a jump, is they don't carry enough speed riding into them. Riders who are nervous may take too many speed checks and not carry enough speed through to the jump. 

Speed Checks

Too many speed checks and slowing yourself down before the jump is not going to help you clear the knuckle or the flat area of the jump.

Landing On The Flat Part Of The Jump
Take enough speed into the jump, so you land on the sweet spot of the landing. You do not need too much speed, otherwise you will completely clear the landing! Just the right amount will let you have a good time and land smoothly. 

Speed will take you anywhere

You have 2 options on how to judge the amount of speed you need for the jump:

  1. Watch people go over the jump and see how much speed they take.
  2. Ride over the knuckle.

Riding over the knuckle is going to allow you to judge the amount of speed you should take. You can also practice popping off the knuckle, and getting used to the angle of the landing. 

Riding Over The Knuckle

4) Common Mistakes 

A common mistake riders make when hitting jumps, is they don't pop off the lip of the jump.

Use your legs to pop off the jump

If you don't pop off the jump or hit the jump with the correct speed, you will end up landing on the knuckle or the flat area of the jump. This usually results in a knee jerking flat landing, or a bail! 

 Riding off the jump and not popping, you ain't going to get very far.

5) Body Position 

When going over the jump, your body position is super important. You want to keep your shoulders parallel and aligned with your snowboard.

Keep Your Shoulder Parallel And Aligned With Your Snowboard  

Keep your weight centred over your snowboard, like you would in your normal riding position.

Make Sure Your Weight Is Centred Over The Middle Of The Board As Well.

New riders hitting jumps for the first time, often make the mistake of turning their shoulders as they look down the jump. 

Turning Your Shoulder

Turning your shoulders is going to cause your snowboard to turn as well. This will make your landing super awkward, as your snowboard is not straight. Keep you body position aligned and your snowboard will stay aligned with your body. 

Turning Your Body Position Is Going To Turn Your Snowboard

6) Don't Lean Back

Another common mistake, is riders leaning back as they go over the jump. 

Leaning Back Over The Jump

Leaning back over your snowboard as you go off the jump, is going to cause you to be off balance, and you're more likely to fall or land very tail heavy.

Keep your upper and lower body aligned and weight centred over your snowboard. 

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  • Yes. thank you Natalie for an excellent demo on basic jumps and the ollie .
    My question is about crud snow . Do you tend to jump and twist aggressively or would you tend to lift your front foot and attempt to steer through it . Do you have a crud video

    David Dalton on

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