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Snowboard Addiction customer Dwanye (Dad) and Gabe (Son) dropped into SA Headquarters on Gabe's 7th Birthday.

They s
hared Gabe's experience of using our Training Gear and Snowboard Tutorials. We were pretty stoked with what they had to say:

(Rider: Gabe Sequeira. Filming/Editing: Adison MacDonald & Dwayne Sequeira)

You won't believe it, but Gabe only started snowboarding a year ago!!!

Gabe rocking a rail









Gabe used to be scared of boxes and rails. He loved jumping and stuck to that in the park. That was until Dwayne (Gabe's Dad) bought him a Balance Bar and Training Board.

Gabe smashing a lipslide on the balance bar, using our training boardGabe stomping the trick he practiced on the balance bar the day before.

Dwayne told us that the training gear is the best baby sitter he has ever had! Gabe and his sister (who is five and also shreds) play on their gear for hours every night. Dwayne then takes his kids up the next day on the mountain, where he is constantly amazed by the new tricks his kids are stomping!

Watch the little man's 14/15 season edit below when he was just 6 years old! The edit was filmed and edited by Gabe's Dad:

(Rider: Gabe Sequeira. Filming/Editing: Dwayne Sequeira)

Gabe blitzes boxes and rocks rails! To all you pro's out thereWATCH OUT!  

Gabe loves his training gear
What Is The Youngest Age That Kids Can Use Our Gear?

We have had kids as young as 5 training and having fun on our gear. Check out our blog HERE to learn more on setting up your board and bindings for kids.

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Jake Adams
Snowboard Addiction 

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  • Wow!! this kid is a genius!! And his parents too. I think that he starting snowboard when he was to young
    was a very good decision. He is natural to snow so if he continues snowboarding he could be a profesional snowboarder.
    Congratulations Gabe and his dady. Keep on the good work.

  • This kid was around during the one-of-a-kind kick-@$$ adult summer camp on the glacier. He’s quite something. His rails and boxes look like they have improved exponentially since then. Thanks Nev and team for sharing this! Time to go practice….

    jason nez on
  • Man i wish i could get help like this with my riding

    Noah Weston on

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